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  WE fund the learning 

  of those in need  

About the scholarship


The scholarship winner will have their education tuition paid during the duration of the scholarship. 

Paid Internship

Every Summer the winner will have the opportunity to work at a startup alongside senior experts, with a paid internship.


The winner will receive one-on-one mentoring by an industry expert, who will follow the development and learning progress of the student.

Learn & Share

The winner becomes an ambassador of Paper Wings upholding responsibility for learning & sharing, giving back to the community without expecting anything in return.

  Get your scholarship  
 Shape the Future 

in 4 steps



Check eligibility.

You must have a high school diploma and have been accepted into one of our University Partners.


Fill in a scholarship form.

Complete the application, identify the university degree you want, share your story.


Pitch your story. 

If you are a finalist you will be selected to pitch to the jury why you should win the scholarship.


Make a difference. 

Give back to the community by sharing the knowledge acquired during the scholarship, and go build the future!

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