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Frequently asked questions

Contact us if the answers you are looking for are not here. 

  • How many applications can I submit?
    Each candidate can only submit one application.
  • How many years can my college degree be?
    The scholarship can be for a 3 years degree up to a 5 years degree.
  • Do I need to be accepted at the University by the time I submit the application?
    You do not need to be accepted at the University by the time you submit the application. But, if you are the winner of the scholarship you must be accepted by the University to benefit from the scholarship. Otherwise, the scholarship can be re-assigned to someone else.
  • Are the summer internship every year?
    Yes, every year you will join the startup that is funding your scholarship for a 2 month internship program.
  • Are the internships mandatory?
    Yes, we strongly believe that acquiring working experience since very early on your learning development is fundamental to succeed in your future. Paper Wings is built on the foundation that learning happens beyond the academic world.
  • Does Paper Wings cover travel and accommodation?
    No, unfortunately at the moment it is outside our reach.
  • Can I apply to the scholarship if I would like to choose a course that is not listed on your rules?
    No. You will not be eligible if you choose a course outside the domains described on the official rules. Check section Eligible Higher Education Institutions and Eligible Disciplines.
  • For the 3 minute Pitch can I write a script or prepare a presentation instead of a video?
    No, the video is mandatory. And if you are selected you will have to pitch live to the jury.
  • How is the tuition paid?
    Paper Wings will pay directly to the academic institution the tuition of your course every year as long as the winner of the scholarship complies with the rules of the program.
  • Can I submit my application in Portuguese?
    Yes. But, we are strongly encouranging English submission as we are looking for citizens of the world. In addition, the learning domains we are sponsoring requires fluency in English.
  • Do I need to be Portuguese to apply for the scholarship?
    No, you don´t need to have Portuguese nationality as long as you are covered by the national student statute (pay national tuition). Students covered by the International Student Statute are not eligible for the scholarship, at least for this year´s edition.
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